Control your money, mental health, and anxiety with these easy tips!

Money, Mental Health, And Anxiety

Control your money, mental health, and anxiety with these easy tips!

If you struggle with money, mental health issues, and anxiety, you know all too well how connected they are.  We are actually rather good at recognizing our anxiety triggers on a day to day basis, but we often fail to address one of our biggest anxiety contributors!

This post was originally written as a guest post for Johnzelle over at Perfectly Imperfect.  I thank Johnzelle for giving me the opportunity to write for his mental health blog.  The main focus of my blog is finance based and I have never crossed niches into mental health.  When he reached out to me about a guest post, I could not believe I had never written about the connection of poorly managed finances and mental health – specifically anxiety.

Controlling Anxiety

Money, mental health, and anxiety are all connected!

As I prepared for and researched this post topic, I thought about my own anxiety issues and what drives them.  As a sufferer of anxiety (although I hide it well and you would never know), the main way I curb my anxiety is by being in control of as many aspects of my life as possible.  Those of us with mental health issues recognize that by being able to control our surroundings, we can control our minds.

I know several people with OCD struggles, who take control of their life by washing their hands 10 times before they can move on with their day, or by placing their pencils just perfectly on their desk.  We spend so much time controlling these material things in our lives, but many of us never address our financial instability.

The struggle many of us have with money is due to a lack of knowledge on the topic.  We don’t even attempt to take control of our finances because we don’t know where to start.  Due to this, we spend even more time focusing on those things we think we can control.  Maybe you wash your hands 11 times today just to make up for the other areas of your life you have little to no control over.

Well my friends, for me, financial instability is a huge anxiety trigger.  Years ago I dealt with it by putting my head in the sand and ignoring it.  Finance was the last thing on my mind because I had so many other instabilities in my life.  I felt I couldn’t control my finances anyway, so I focused on what I thought I could control.  The truth is, our finances are one of the most easy things we actually can control.

Financial Instability And Worry

We need control to contain our anxiety

Imagine if you had no money worries.  Imagine that if your car broke down, you didn’t sweat it because you knew you had plenty of cash on hand to pay for whatever repair was needed.  This is not some fantasy – this is a realistic possibility for you!  By taking control of your finances, you will add yet another layer of stability in your life – it’s time for you to control your money rather than your money controlling you.

So how do we create this shift?  The absolute first step is a budget.  Budgets are scary because they painfully show our current financial position.  A written budget will show you how in debt you are and how deep the hole is you are in.  This is the first step my friends!  When you do that budget, you will see how deep your hole is – but at that point, you will stop digging!  When you have a budget and a goal, you take control of your financial life.  No more unknowns – you are the master of your financial life – no one else.

If that isn’t enough motivation for you, think about the peace you would have knowing you don’t owe anyone money and you will be able to retire someday with plenty of money.  Before you tell me that your situation is different, I can tell you, I have never seen a hole too deep that someone was not able to get out of it.  The hardest part is to stop digging.  Take your financial life seriously and take control – you yearn for control, what a better way to increase it by being the boss of your budget!

I have a myriad of resources to get your started on this fiscally responsible life style and to take control to curb both your anxiety and uncertainty.  The absolutely biggest obstacle I have seen when working with people, is getting them mentally to point where they believe they actually can take control.  When they finally recognize they have a way out and can significantly reduce their anxiety levels, this is when the real progress occurs.  I am very passionate about this because I know the peace that comes with financial security and stability.  I personally am in a place where I don’t worry about money and I pray for nothing more than for you to experience the same in your life!!!

Financial Stability And Control

Financial stability controls anxiety!

If you have read Johnzelle’s posts, you know he is currently on his own financial journey.  He is at a point where nothing can stop him – he works side hustles, communicates with his wife, and is moving towards financial independence.  I have no doubt he will get there, sooner than later.  I wish nothing more than for you to follow in his footsteps.

Pull your head out of the sand my friends.  Sit down at your computer and find out where your money is going.  Open all your bank accounts and see how much, or how little, is in there.  Tell yourself that today is the day where you take control of your money.  Today is the day you take that first forward step to financial security.  Look at that budget and find out where there is waste.  Find out what you can cut back on to slay that debt monster.  You work too hard to be this broke, and you deserve more peace in your life.  I will be there on your journey, encouraging and educating you along the way.  If we could do it – so can you!

Feel free to reach out to me with any questions or for encouragement – I would love to join your on your journey.  If you have yet to subscribe, please subscribe below by email.


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This post originally appeared at:Perfectly Imperfect

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