My Top 10 Reading List (2018)

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Several people have recently asked me what books I recommend and what I have read recently. Looking back on the past few years, these are some of my top recommendations in no particular order:

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1. Tony Robbins – Awaken The Giant Within

Tony Robbins is one of my favorite authors. He is down to earth, inspirational, and genuinely cares about people. I highly recommend his work. Click the book below to find it on Amazon.

2. Thomas J. Stanley – The Millionaire Next Door

Dr. Stanley exposes what makes millionaires successful in today’s world. He conducted an extensive study that found most millionaires don’t live in expensive houses and the majority of them drive Ford F-150s. This is a great read that destroys the common misconceptions of modern day millionaires. Click the book below to find it on Amazon.

3. Steven Levitt & Stephen Dubner – Freakonomics

This insightful book gives you a different perspective on how the world works and introduces some controversial topics. They answer questions such as “How much do parents really matter, and Which is more dangerous, a gun or a swimming pool?” Click the book below to find it on Amazon.

4. Chris Hogan – Retire Inspired

Chris Hogan is on the Dave Ramsey team and writes about your personal retirement number and how much money you need to live an inspirational retirement. His book is well written and down to earth. Click the book below to find it on Amazon.

5. George Clason – The Richest Man In Babylon

This is one of my favorite books I have read in a long time. It is written in parables that speaks to the most basic principles of living within your means and creating meaningful income. I highly recommend this book. Click the book below to find it on Amazon.

6. John Bogle – The Little Book Of Common Sense Investing

From the founder of Vanguard, John (Jack) Bogle give his viewpoints on the mutual fund industry and how you can still win in this confusing financial market. Click the book below to find it on Amazon.

7. Dave Ramsey & Rachel Cruz – Smart Money Smart Kids

Dave Ramsey and his daughter Rachel Cruz authored this book that addresses how to bring our kids up from the beginning to avoid having to dig them out of financial messes when they are older. This book offers a unique perspective on raising money smart children. Click the book below to find it on Amazon.

8. Ray Dalio – Principles

Ray Dalio is a hedge fund manager who reveals his life story from his ups and downs to his eventual success in the stock market. He explains his life’s principles and what has made hims successful. Click the book below to find it on Amazon.

9. Dr. Henry Cloud & Dr. John Townsend – Boundaries

Where do you draw the line in your personal relationships? The authors take you on a journey to empower you to create and enforce personal property lines that define who you are and who you are not. Click the book below to find it on Amazon.

10. Tony Robbins – Unshakeable

Another Tony Robbins book made my top 10 – he is a big influence on me. This book is a financial freedom playbook that outlines how the financial markets are designed to make you fail, but how you can overcome them and succeed. I highly recommend this book, click the book below to find it on Amazon.

Have you read any of the above mentioned books? If so, how have they influenced you? Comment below – I’d love to hear any books you would recommend to me – I’m always looking for more reading material! If you haven’t subscribed below, please provide your email and I will send you updates on my new articles.


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6 thoughts on “My Top 10 Reading List (2018)”

  1. I’m definitely gonna bookmark this. Though I’m nowhere near the wealth building phase of my journey, reading your blog has got me more open to the idea of Investing, though the stock market terrifies me. Any book in particular you’d recommend for a stock market novice?


      1. Awesome! I figure I got the 8 (or less) years of becoming debt free to become an expert on investing. Knowledge is power! Thanks

        Liked by 1 person

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