Stock Market Basics

Check out these need to know stock market basics!The stock market can be confusing, especially when there is so much misinformation out there. In a future post, I will talk more about the different investment strategies and types of mutual funds, but we must first talk about the basics. What exactly is the stock market?

If you’re unfamiliar with the stock market, it can look an awful lot like a casino game in Vegas. To make things worse, some people actually play the market as if they are gambling which usually results in devastating losses. Much of the negative sentiment towards the stock market is due to the lack of understanding of it. My goal for this post is to give you a brief insight to the process and objective of the market. This is not an exhaustive article – many thick books have been written about the stock market that barely scratch the surface.

What is a stock?

A stock is actually a “share of stock” which quite literally is a share, or part ownership of a company. When you own a share, you own a small portion of that company which entitles you to a fraction of the assets and earnings of the business. What are assets and earnings? Earnings are the income the company makes from the sale of its service or products and the assets are the physical property of the company (commercial buildings, machines etc).

The reason a corporation chooses to sell shares of a company is to make additional money to invest in further production and income. The company makes money when it sells shares of stock. Companies use this money when they are small and trying to grow or when they are larger and attempting to expand. The company may later elect to buy its shares back or continue to sell more or none at all.

What is the market?

The market is essentially a virtual marketplace where shares of stock are bought and sold. The market is also commonly referred to as the stock exchange. The three largest markets in the United States are the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), American Stock Exchange (AMEX) and the National Association of Securities Dealers (NASDAQ). Each market sell stock from different companies. Certain companies are in the NASDAQ, some are in the NYSE, etc.

The majority of stock trading is done online while few trades are done on the floor of the physical market. The floor of the physical market is the place you see people running around on phones looking at televisions. These are brokers making purchases for their clients. With the age of the internet, it’s extremely convenient and reliable to make your purchases online as an alternative.

What makes stock prices go up or down?

Usually company performance or projected performance influences stock prices. In simplistic terms, you are investing in a company. If you think the company is going to do well in the future, you may buy more stock. If you think the company is going to go out of business in the future, you may want to sell. Stock prices go up when more people are buying and stock prices go down when more people are selling.

If a company files paperwork stating they didn’t make as much money as they thought, this can often trigger share owners to sell out of fear the company is going under or is overpriced. The stock price will fall until there is an equal number of people buying and selling the shares. When more people start to buy than sell again, the price goes up until stock holders are willing to part with their stock. It is a constant up and down as a stock price attempts to level itself out.

Dividends explained

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Each year on a quarterly or annual basis, profitable companies will either divide up their profits and return some of the money to the shareholders (because they own part of the company) or the company will reinvest the dividends back into the company. Normally only larger companies actually pay their shareholders dividends while newer startups reinvest in an attempt to expand. I receive checks annually from the companies I own that provide dividends but I automatically reinvest that money so it continues to grow (more on this later). Some major companies that pay dividends are General Motors, Kohl’s, Ford, Verizon, and Target just to name a few.

***There are other things that are traded on the market such as commodities like beans, corn, oil, gold, silver, etc. For simplicity sake, I have only discussed companies in this article to avoid getting too far in the weeds.***

In a future post, I will get more in depth with mutual funds, investing, dollar cost averaging, etc. but it is important to start with the very basics. Keep in mind, there are many other factors that influence stock prices but this is an extreme overview for someone who has no idea how it works.

How comfortable are you with the market? There are may horror stories out there from people who have lost fortunes on the stock market. In future articles I will write about how to minimize losses while maximizing profits. The stock market will play a pivotal role in your future retirement plans – for better or for worse. For more information on retirement, please refer to my related article, Will You Ever Be Able To Retire?

Please leave a comment below and let me know how the market has impacted you and if you invest in the market! If you haven’t signed up to receive future articles by email, please add yourself at the bottom of this page. If you have topics you would like future blogs about, let me know and I will add them to the agenda. Stay safe my friends -you work too hard to be this broke!


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9 thoughts on “Stock Market Basics”

  1. Thank you for this article. I have never really understood the stock market and I felt like this was easy to follow and free from jargon. I tend to play it safe, so the closest I’ve gotten to investing in the past was to purchase CDs to save for retirement. Most of my saving (except my emergency 1000) is gonna be on hold until I’m debt free. Maybe I’ll invest when that time comes and begin preparing for retirement. Looking forward to future posts!


    1. Johnzelle, thanks for the comment! I understand you playing it safe but you will never retire on CDs alone. I’m a big fan of index funds that ill talk about in the future.

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    1. It is always hard to know your audience. I never know how much or how little people know so I took it safe and started low. Gives me more topics to write about as well! 😉


  2. I liked the way u explained about stocks in simple terms …. recently started looking about stocks and investment and ended up here …. thanks for sharing your knowledge


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