New iPhone XS, ONLY $1,099.00!!!

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How bad do you want it? Do you want it enough to put it on your credit card? If you go to the Apple store, they will be more than happy to break down the price of the phone into small monthly payments in your bill. You won’t even notice the monthly fee, will you? Are you still making payments on your current phone? It’s ok, I bet they will roll your balance into the new contract. If you didn’t hear, you can sign up for the pre-sale of this phone today, and it will be mailed to you later in October.

Some of you will go out and buy this new phone for the fear of missing out on the latest and greatest. Others of you can’t believe anyone would spend that much money on a cell phone. Either way, I find the name of the new phone ironic. “XS” sounds awfully close to “Excess” – is this on purpose? Some of you conspiracy theorists may think so.

I know many of you will think the price of this new phone is absurd. To you I would ask, what do you spend money on each day? Is it a coffee habit? Buying lunch? If you would never buy this phone but you buy a $4 dollar cup of coffee each day, you spend over $4,000 a year on coffee. It would make more sense for you to buy the phone if you stopped buying coffee at your local shop. Before you judge others on their poor money management, we all need to look in the mirror. Each and every one of us spend money on stuff we don’t need.

As I move closer to the budget article, start reflecting on where your money goes each month. I am willing to bet that there are months where you look at your checking account and wonder where all the money went. Spend a little time today adding up your daily expenses. Do you buy anything as a part of your daily routine? What about weekly? Everything you spend your money on should add considerable value to your life. If you are spending money out of habit, stop. You work too hard to be this broke. It’s time to take control of your life and your finances. We tell our money where to go – or we should.

If you are thinking about purchasing this phone, I sincerely hope you have no debt. No car payments, no student loan debt, no credit card debt, and a retirement account that you contribute at least 15% of your income to. Is that you? If it is, is your house paid off? If not, I beg you to reconsider. No one cares that you have the newest phone, not even you. Remember that last phone you had to have? Stop filling voids in your life with material things. That initial high you get from your latest purchase always wears off and you end up with a closet or garage full of junk you had to have at one point.

If you are not a techy person, identify the things you buy but don’t really need. Identify those things that make you feel good at the time, but the initial high quickly fades away. We all have them, some are just more obvious than others. For you coffee people, I love my coffee as well. I found that buying the grounds and making the coffee myself tastes just as good and gives me a sense of empowerment knowing the local shop didn’t take me for $4,000 this year. I work too hard to be broke. The time to start taking control is now! Baby steps my friends…


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Ryan Luke

My name is Ryan Luke and I am a personal finance blogger and a Police Lieutenant for a major city in Arizona. I blog about the best tips and strategies to get out of debt to help others achieve financial independence!

2 thoughts on “New iPhone XS, ONLY $1,099.00!!!”

  1. I recently posted about my journey to becoming debt free (part 3). The biggest update with that is that my wife and I now have separate accounts. Without getting too specific, I’m a saver and she’s a spender. She just got the XS plus this week, 6 months after we each got the 8… I’m glad I’m not the only one out there thinking about the spending traps we get in.


    1. Spenders can be very difficult to deal with but they also help balance us savers out from being too frugal! The best advice for couples addresses this and hopefully will get you two on the same page my friend!

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